About VicWrapz

A note from VicWrapz creator Joe Rees…2017

Wow, thanks for the awesome Victory motorcycles POLARIS!
Even though YOU decided not to keep making them, WE choose to keep riding them – TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF – and with a hell of a lot of pride – that’s where VicWrapz comes in. After owning my personal Cross Country for a full year and realizing it was the most comfortable, most powerful, and COOLEST looking bike I’d ever owned, it was time to think about making it even cooler with a custom paint job of my own design. So I got busy and created a radical paint scheme I which I shared with my friends on a popular rider’s forum. To my surprise, they were not only supportive but immediately started asking if I had any other designs I could do for their rides. Hmmm, well I am a graphic designer after all, and I’ve been producing vinyl graphics since they were first introduced in the 1980s, following the technology’s development from rudimentary beginnings all the way up to today’s spectacular digital printing capabilities, so why not? A few days later I shared a new design idea on the forum and people immediately asked ‘How much?’, “Can you do other designs?’, and ‘Can you do that in my color?’.  That’s when a lightbulb went on in my head – I could put designs online and make the color user-changeable! Why has nobody done this before? Ladies and gentlemen, with great pride I give you VicWrapz.com, home of the V.I.C – Virtual Interactive Configurator.


The first design

Shown left is the original idea for a custom paint job for my own personal ride before the notion of forming an online business was ever considered.  It would have been a mind-blowing paint job and taken a mind-blowing amount of time to accomplish, not to mention cost, so I ultimately re-designed it to work as a wrap which STILL kicks ass in spite of being highly simplified from its initial concept. I don’t have any plans to offer this particular design as a configuration on the site, but it remains the inspiration that started the ball rolling. Click the pic for a small gallery. Thanks for your interest in VicWrapz!

VicWrapz is located in beautiful coastal New Hampshire. Our mailing address is 57 Hemlock Haven / Town Drive, Hampton, NH 03842
Orders typically take 1 week to produce plus an additional 2 to 3 days shipping to most of the continental US.
Email info@VicWrapz.com     Cell 774-722-1222