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VicWrapz goes to Laconia!

Back on the road this past Saturday (June 17, 2017) to make an appearance at Laconia Bike Week. This powerhouse ride was only 400 miles, but all in one day. Ten bikes left Cape Cod in the POURING rain at 6:30am Saturday June 16th and rode hell-bent for leather to Quincy MA before the rain subsided and we could begin to blow-dry.

Laconia didn’t disappoint, was as weird and wonderful as ever. We ate some great food, heard bands, and saw a stupefying array of bikes and individuals from the sublime to the ridiculous, even running into more Cape friends unexpectedly, till it was time to head back. We hammered home as fast as we could, managing to get pulled over just once 🙂 arriving home about 9pm. Wow, long day!! Till next year Laconia, don’t change.